Arthouse is a promotional products agency. We create and customize merchandise and apparel for outstanding brands.

Making products that build brands.

We are your partner for promotional, retail, event and merchandising products. We create, manufacture, and customize apparel, merchandise product, signage, and environments. We make products that put your logo front and center.

Expertise, understanding and service. 

We ask, listen, and communicate honestly to develop quality products and spot-on messaging. Product trends, use strategies, raw materials, technology, printing, packaging, production processes: this is our world.

Good people and great results

We work with marketers, entrepreneurs, PR, retailers, ad agencies, and buyers. Every industry benefits from the products that we create. We understand what makes your business work and how using our products will help convert your goals into results.

Geek Girls Guide

The Geek Girls are dangerously savvy! We made them coasters so you could set your beer down while you're brain is exploding with smarts and your body is shaking with laughter. European pulpboard. Only the original for these truly original women.