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Consulting Services


In the early stages of any idea, business venture, marketing campaign, or event it pays to get expertise and big thinking into a room during the planning process. Arthouse provides brainstorming services to openly discuss strategies and the how-to around merchandise and apparel, product development, domestic and oversea manufacturing, packaging, collaboration possibilities, market execution and any other topic that relates to the products and services we provide.

We freely share our knowledge, industry experience, strategies for marketing and retail, and our understanding of fashion and trends. We'll educate on materials and reproduction technologies, offer prototyping and manufacturing strategy, and provide insight into the state of the raw goods and factory worlds. We can talk about issues of sustainability and the life cycle of products, speak to current media and technology opportunities, and provide cost and investment insights that can impact your decisions. Everything we bring to the table is honestly communicated to provide you with creative and critical ways to think about your ideas.

There is no obligation to develop or purchase any of the ideas discussed with us when using our consulting services. We always happily comply with any request for non-disclosure to protect your ideas and your privacy.

Brainstorming is billed at an hourly rate for time in attendance and any followup requested. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a brainstorming session.


A successful retail venture requires planning, strategy, and capital. Arthouse has over 25 years of experience working with retail lines in all phases of their existence. We've assisted startups, veterans, brick and mortar operations, online only companies, and transitions into online. We've helped define product lines, develop products, and we've managed transitions of existing products to our production facilities when companies have decided to leave their previous manufacturers. Our experience and knowledge will be a valuable investment in your retail business, and it will save you time and money.

Our retail consulting is geared towards new ventures as a primer on the topics that are key retail success. We provide an understanding of the fundamentals of buying, inventory, operational costs, line development, and product life cycles. We discuss sales channels, product distribution, online marketing, and niche market opportunities. We also delve into product topics like item selection, prototyping, test marketing, manufacturing, custom product development, and decoration techniques.

Retail consultations can provide general information or be customized to focus on your specific needs. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a retail development consult.


Our research capability and our relationships with manufacturers are valuable. We define a consulting project as one that involves researching or estimating products that a client is considering for anything other than immediate manufacturing.

Arthouse can be a transparent resource for any company that wants to provide added value to their clients by pitching apparel and merchandising options in their proposal. Retail line developers and other product specific business ventures also benefit by gathering detailed information specific to their business planning needs. Please contact us for more information.

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